I learned everything I know from this movie.

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Reblog if you have a beautiful penis.

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Whether or not a lot of fashion she wears are inspired by looks from the past, you can’t deny the fact that she changed the direction of Musician fashion in the present.

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For those too lazy to go back in his archives, here’s the short of his story -

Basically, he was taking a walk, something that appears to very habitual. On the way to his destination, he had to walk by a girl’s house that, apparently, he was once involved with. She called out to him. Him, being a respectful young MAN, stopped and listened.

This woman asked him to PROVE he was a man. I can only assume that means by showing her his ‘anatomically correct’ genitalia. He obviously refused, and tried to continue on to his destination.

The next moment is chaos.

Her boyfriend grabbed the back of his shirt, to make James face him. He screamed the same question the woman asked earlier. Bigoted slurs are soon flung in his direction (“faggot!”) and, of course - as many people would under such pressure -he started crying. The boyfriend now HITS him.

HITS HIM AND LAUGHS IN HIS FACE. James confessed he didn’t want to call the cops in this situation. I can’t say I blame him, for entirely different reasons.

He will not be recognized as JAMES. He will be recognized as some brutal, conniving lesbian in the police’s eyes. Let me ask you this, America - and tumblr -

Jamey Rodemeyer received national attention after his death. Lady Gaga dedicated a concert to him. If a transkid committed suicide, would it even make HEADLINES? Would they be recognized by their trans* status, or would people chalk it up to - ‘She was a lesbian’?

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When you walk into your class at the start of the year and see what idiots you’re with..


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I hate to admit it this one

I hate to admit it this one

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So true for me

So true for me

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